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Casa Barragan

Casa Barragan

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 Luis Barragán's houses exude a calculated opulent minimalism and rustic modernity with a nod to tradition. These seemingly opposing qualities are masterfully brought together by renowned Architect. Influenced by his childhood home, a former Mexican hacienda, the architect is not afraid to use bold color.

Born in Guadalajara in 1902, Luis Ramiro Barragán Morfín is regarded as the most prominent figure in modern Mexican architecture. He was awarded the Pritkzer prize (architect's most prestigious award)in 1980 and his main home (featured on the cover of this publication) has been declared a Unesco Heritage site by UNESCO. By the time of his death in 1988, his persona and manner of working had attained almost mythical status in the design community, and the interest in his oeuvre has increased ever since.

"Serenity is the great and true antidote against anguish and fear, and today, more than ever, it is the architect’s duty to make of it a permanent guest in our home, no matter how sumptuous or humble. Throughout my work I have always strived to achieve serenity, but one must be on guard not to destroy it by the use of an indiscriminate palette." - Barragán